1. Why should we get married in Denmark?

In contrast to Germany and other EU countries, in Denmark you can get married very quickly and unbureaucratically. The danish marriage certificates are recognized worldwide.

2. Who is allowed to get married in Denmark?

Anyone who has a passport, resides legally in the EU zone, is allowed to enter Denmark and can provide all the documents necessary for the marriage in Denmark.

3. How soon can you get married in Denmark?

It depends on the capacity of the registry offices. The fastest way to get married is within 1 week after we received the marriage license from the Agency of Family Law.

4. Is marriage certificate from Denmark recognized in Germany?

Yes. The certificate of marriage you receive in Denmark is recognized in Germany without additional legalization according to the bilateral agreement concluded between Germany and Denmark in 1936.

You do not need additional legalization for:
– foreigners authority;
– financial department;
– registration department (Bürgeramt, Rathaus);
– health insurance.

But you will most likely need legalization through the apostille if you:
– wish to apply for the name change after marriage;
– want to create a family book;
– are obliged to fly back to your home country (non-EU country) in order to prepare the documents for the family reunion.

5. How can a document be legalized with the apostille?

You can get the Apostille by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs yourself, or you can use our convenient legalization service.

6. How much does the marriage in Denmark cost?

It depends on the chosen offer.
In addition there is the statutory fee of 1900,- DKK (approx. 255,- €).

7. What documents do I need?

You will find the list of the documents required for the marriage in Denmark here.

8. How many days do I have to stay in Denmark before getting married?

This depends on the selected office. We work with the local authorities, where it is generally sufficient to register personally with the chosen municipality one day before the agreed marriage date and to present all original documents. This also applies to Copenhagen.

9. Can we get married on a beach?

Yes! However, you have to take into account that it is hot in Denmark on the beach only in the summer. In autumn, winter and spring it can be cold and windy.

10. We would like to combine our holiday in Denmark with the marriage. Would it be possible to fine-tune the date of the marriage and the place of office in the case?

Of course! We can always offer you an appointment in one of partner registry offices. However, if you are looking for a special venue or a special place for the wedding, we will also try to get an appointment for you in the near.

11. Can we get married near the Danish-German border?

There are some local authorities, which are very close to the Danish-German border, such as Tondern, Aabenraa and others. These registry offices have a favorable location for couples who drive with a car from Germany, but these offices are more often overloaded than the others, which means you will have to wait for long before getting the appointment. In addition, there is an obligation to spend 1 day in the commune before getting married. In this case, you must personally register with the elected municipality 1 day before the agreed marriage date and submit all original documents.

12. Do we have to bring your own witnesses?

Of course you may, but you do not have to. We also work together with the registry offices, who provide you with witnesses on your marriage date for free.

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