5 things to eat in Copenhagen

30If you are ready to try something new, you definitely have to follow the instructions of one nice lady. Just keep it in mind when you go to Copenhagen to get married there with the help of Konstannta agency! (not evrth 4 vegan/vegetarian!) Details: https://dejligedays.com/2013/10/30/5-things-you-must-eat-in-copenhagen/

Hidden places in Copenhagen

30So, you have already got a marriage appointment from us and will soon get married in picturesque Copenhagen. Believe us, it is worth spending time exploring the city, even if you have only 1 day for that. Konstannta agency shares its secret “must-visit” tips with you. Tip №1: Classenhave: This tranquil garden is the location of some […]

Deer Park in Copenhagen

We go on with secret “must-visit” tips in Copenhagen, which we reveal specially for the clients of Konstannta marriage agency. Tip №2: The next place we advise you to visit is Dyrehaven, which in English means Deer Garden. The place is quiet and peaceful with charming cafes and green trees, horses and deers walking around. […]

Danish peculiarities

So you have already made plans about getting married in Denmark with the help of Konstannta agency, but what do you know about this country? First and may be one of the most significant things for Danish people is their flag. Have you noticed the way the Danes used their national flag? Probably the most […]

Our favorite partners

We are very thankful to this wonderful woman, Mariane Neerup Hansen and the whole team of the Vordingborg Kommune, with whom we work for more than a year now. Her friendliness, kindness, honesty and great support has made Stege the best registry office of our agency. Beautiful locations of Stege Radhus, nice registry office workers, […]