Deer Park in Copenhagen

We go on with secret “must-visit” tips in Copenhagen, which we reveal specially for the clients of Konstannta marriage agency.

Tip №2:
The next place we advise you to visit is Dyrehaven, which in English means Deer Garden.
The place is quiet and peaceful with charming cafes and green trees, horses and deers walking around.
You can “rent” a pony or a horse and go through this park, finding an ideal place for your wedding picnic.
How to find it: If you go outside the city to the north, you will find a suburb called Klampenborg, which can be reached with S-train or by a 10-15 km cycle up the coast. The place is popular for being the main entrance to the hidden Dyrehaven forest park, one of the most popular recreation areas for Copenhagen city dwellers.
If you get hungry, you can go to the restaurant with the same name: